Retail Partners



Halfords Group PLC is the UK's largest retailer of motoring and cycling products and services.

The Wottz range of cables is available from Halfords online and click and collect from your local store.

Retail is the UK's number one EV Charging Cable store.

They offer Wottz EV Cables in a range of colours and lengths with next day delivery.



SaveMoneyCutCarbon is the UK’s leader in delivering money-savings through sustainability.

Pick up Wottz EV Charging cables from their online store.



GRIDSERVE, is a British company founded in 2017 to develop, own and operate critical infrastructure for sustainable energy production.

GRIDSERVE offer Wottz EV Charging Cables at their forecourt sites in Braintree and Norwich.

Chargepoint Manufacturers

Chargepoint Manufacturer

Simpson & Partners

Simpsons & Partners have been making EV chargers since 2016. Original founders of the firm Andersen EV, they saw the company expand to become a global supplier with clients worldwide.

Wottz EV Cables come tethered with S&P Home EV Chargers.

Chargepoint Manufacture


Electricea offers professional charging and storage solutions of unparalleled and reliable quality.

Electricea supply Wottz untethered EV Charging cables with their range of EV Chargers.

Chargepoint Manufacturer


Nordgrid are a new polish EV Charger manufacturer. Wottz EV Cables come tethered with their chargers.

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